Sunday, February 26, 2012

True genuine sacrifice is about Love. If you give up or do something because you feel obligated and do it begrudgingly it isn't true sacrifice.

This was my thought during prayer at church this morning.

Also, when I recognize I have failed in this true sacrifice, again it shouldn't be about me. It's not about having a pity party or beating myself up. It is about recognizing how I failed and making it right.

I love my family. They are my first priority. Sometimes my own selfish desires get it in the way. My own selfish wants and needs distract me.

Now don't get me wrong. Don't miss my point. We should take care of ourselves. We should have dreams, wants and desires. Those are valid.

I'm talking about making a choice to put someone else's needs first. Not disregarding my own.

When we choose to enter into a relationship and create a family. That choice is going to require some sacrifices. And sometimes what you give up is what's best anyway. We, especially me, hold tightly to those things are aren't always best for us. I don't realize that letting go is for the best. Change is hard but it is sometimes good.

My kids will and should always be a priority. Lovingly sacrificing in the best interest of them is truly joyful.

Lord help to be focused on other's needs before mine. Help to recognize what is best for me and how to best care for the person I am. Help me to become the person you meant for me to be.

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