Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Haven't had much time to write lately. Been busy with work and life. Think about it all the time and try to get here. I haven't worked out much lately either. Need to get both of these back on track.

I hope everyone reading this had a nice Thanksgiving. I did. I had a very nice Thanksgiving day with my in-laws. Also had a nice gathering in Sat eve with some of my family and friends. I have much to be thankful for.

We are now in the Christmas season. I am working on keeping the true Christmas spirit. Christmas is my favorite season. I so loved this time of the year as a child. So much hope and prettiness all around. We live an world that can be very harsh and ugly. So this season reminds us all that there is something better. 

As an adult with adult responsibilities it gets harder to hold onto that joy of the season. But I am not going to let our crazy world and its materialism get in the way. I have in the past. Don't get me wrong, gifting is my love language. So I love getting and receiving gifts. But the cost and quantity aren't what matter. If someone randomly gives me a candy bar I am thrilled. I know it is cliche to say but its true "it's the thought that counts".

I don't understand people that get crazy on black friday. I really don't need a tv that bad. I know it is fun for most and that's cool, but I'm talking about the ones that take it to far. Also it makes me mad that our economy is based on my spending and debt. I shouldn't have to be in debt or overspend for our economy. We have dug ourselves into a hole with that one. 

It should be that we produce something to sell. All the workers are employed making something to sell. Those items are sold to generate income. The workers spend money on living and some service(like restaurants and stores). Now our economy is based on gamblers on wall street and middle income debt and spending. Ridiculous!!!

Big business has there hands in congressional pockets. Both sides and all members. None of them will take a stand against. We have also dug ourselves into a hole on this one. Big business likes unemployment, it keeps wages down. Congress will not extend middle income tax cuts but will extend high income tax cuts!!! really.

Ok so I went rogue for a minute. Back on track. 

Christmas season runs from the 1st Sunday of Advent to the Baptism of the Lord. I am going to hold on the spirit and hope of Christmas. The true meaning of the promise our Lord made that he will return and we hopefully will live in glorious splendor with him. I will enjoy all the blessings of this world. I will love those around me. Spread a world of Joy and Hope. 

Feliz Navidad!!!!!